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Our goal at WYNNE RANCH is simple: Maximize our customers profitability!  This drives everything we do.  Profitability is why we chose Brangus Cattle, and why WYNNE RANCH continues to raise them in rugged South Florida.



Brangus combines the unmatched profitability of Angus with the unbeatable adaptability of Brahman, allowing our producers to turn a profit in one of the most demanding environments in the country: South Florida.  As a breed, Angus is the consistent leader in carcass quality, grabbing the biggest boxed beef price spreads and grid premiums which makes our final product more profitable. Brahman provides the needed adaptability allowing these animals to thrive in our tropical environment.  WYNNE RANCH believes that the traditional Brangus composition is the optimal blend of these two breeds. As such, all Wynne Ranch cattle maintain the 3/8th Brahman, 5/8th Angus breed composition.

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WYNNE RANCH produces our cattle the same way our customers will use them, on South Florida forages with limited supplementation.  They are raised cow-side in cypress swamps, pinelands, and hammock lands with no supplemental feed. After weaning, sale bulls and heifers start receiving grain but remain on a primarily forage-based diet. This produces a very hardy, well adapted animal who will get the job done.

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Phenotypically, WYNNE RANCH strives to produce bulls which combine all the fundamentals: They are rugged, well-muscled, big volumed bulls with good conformation.  Genotypically our EPD’s stack up with the competition in percentiles, and they have high accuracies thanks to genomic enhanced EPD’s.  In fact, 100% of our herd has been DNA evaluated with 30K or greater chips; This improves the accuracy of our EPD’s and allows us to genetically verify each calf’s sire and dam.

While WYNNE RANCH takes pride in our herd’s consistency, and are continuously improving our genetic pool by introducing some of the best bloodlines the Brangus breed has to offer. Recently we have been crossing some of our Duke and Csonka lines with two sires that are new to the breed, NewBlood and Cash. These are first generation 3/8th - 5/8th Brangus bulls whose parents are some of the best in the Angus and Brahman breeds and represent genetics not seen elsewhere in Brangus. This is one example of our focus on continuous improvement of our herd through genetic advancement.

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